Crew SC Reveals New "Sexy-As-Hell" Yellow Kits, "Historic" Sponsorship Agreement

By: Guillermo O'Rourke

Today, Feb. 24, 2017, is the hottest February day on record for Columbus. No doubt the lamestream media will say the temperature topping out at 76 degrees in February is not a good thing (it isn't) and try to pin it on climate change (definitely). Nice try, nerds, but the reason it's so hot out is because Columbus Crew SC just dropped their new yellow kits AND THEY ARE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!!!!!!!!!



The club also announced a freshly inked 3-year deal with "luxury automaker" Acura, which replaces Barbasol as the team's jersey sponsor. No word yet whether Barbasol will remain on as Crew SC's official free kick spray.

OK, now back to those kits... The Bananas are going to serve as the primary kits for the season, with the black ones taking the back seat as the secondary and last year's much-maligned -- though oddly enough, quite commercially successful -- "For Columbus" kits left waiting as the team, uh, quick runs down to the corner store to grab some smokes. 

Security reportedly had to cut the release ceremony short as hordes of Crew SC fans descended upon MAPFRE Stadium and began hurling wads of cash, credit cards, jewelry and rare paintings at team personnel demanding the chance to run their fingers across the gorgeous side checker pattern and nod approvingly at the tasteful v-neck collar. 

"Hey buddy, my eyes are up here."  From

"Hey buddy, my eyes are up here."  From

Alas, these canary pieces de resistance won't be available for purchase until Crewsmas Day (March 4) at the official team shop, and even then they'll only have a limited supply and sizes, so best get there early, fam. (Remember: the GCGBAG Crewsmas Tailgate starts at 9am, so come fill your cup and stomach before emptying your wallet.) The full array of sizes and styles should be available later in March both at the team shop, online and at local retailers. 

Click here if you want to learn about all the neat Easter Eggs in the jersey.  

Stay Golden, my friends. 

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