Andrew King on Twitter: Steve Clark drawing interest from clubs in Danish Superliga

It appears as though Steve Clark is drawing interest from a few clubs in the Danish Superliga, meaning that the chance for his return to Crew SC is slimmer than it once was.

It would be interesting to see how Steffen performs if he was named starter, but it's highly unlikely that he will start. Berhalter normally has 3 keepers on the roster, and we currently have 2, which leads us to expect him to sign a keeper before preseason.

There was probably a decent offer to Steve on the table, but Steve thought he was worth more and has let it sit while exploring his options. Berhalter was also likely exploring his options in case Steve didn't take the offer. So, hearing news like this means that the wheels are probably in motion for signing another keeper. Judging by our current keeper situation (Stuver, Steffen), one would surmise that Crew might be in the market for a starting caliber keeper.

Let's see what the remainder of silly season has to offer!

Hearing former #CrewSC goalkeeper Steve Clark has interest from multiple clubs in the Danish Superliga. His return to Europe seems likely.